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Comprar Air Max Online Anthony: 1 par de tiempo de 1 no impiden Brewer básicamente

Ni Kesi ended eventually 7 be defeated repeatedly, kameiluo - Anthony bears when interviewing, express, in division of silvan wolf forward - the time basic indefensibility in 1 pair of 1 defense stays in Brewer oneself Comprar Air Max Online.

When speaking of Brewer defending to his, anthony says: The defense of formula of “ his game is likened to much, because he is too corpulent, be in so the time of 1 pair of 1 defense, he can prevent me without the method. ”

After Anthony surpasses, say: We will be in “ hard first and last tomorrow. A Malei - Sidademaier will be hit very marvellously tomorrow, he defends for team Nikela - Peikeweiji and Kevin - Le Fudi offerred many help nike air max Baratas. ”

Si Dade strides Er to will be chopped tomorrow issued 2 close over of 8 backboard 18 minutes.

Anthony expresses, team needs to continue surely tomorrow get the better of situation: We need “ surely such, we do not have other option. ”

Anthony gives fight 43 minutes in the contest tomorrow, dedicated 33 minutes 5 secondary attack 5 backboard 3 grab

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